Laying off employees can affect your unemployment tax rate for up to 18 months even if they become employed by another company during that period. Hiring contract workers reduces the cost of workers compensation, unemployment claims, payroll burdens, taxes and benefits administration.


Employment-related lawsuits are at an all-time high – As the employer-of-record for your contract workers, CareerHire, in partnership with TFI absorbs the liability of misclassifications, the risk of possible wrongful termination lawsuits along with the need to maintain necessary detailed documentation every step of the way.


Flexibility is vital in today’s world – With us, you have the option to “try before you buy” or solve a short-term staffing need until budgets allow for a permanent hire. Shift the hiring responsibilities to an experienced team with the convenience of evaluating before you make a long term commitment.


A robust benefits package is important in attracting quality talent –   Companies have much more at stake due to strict healthcare compliance including the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA).  We are able to offer and manage benefits for contract workers including, major medical, dental, vision, disability, 401K and other extended benefits.


Reduce your company’s risk to pay monstrous fines and back taxes – In addition to the legal aspect, the misclassification of employees as “contract labor” or “independent contractor” can lead to laborious government audits and face enormous penalties and interest for unpaid payroll taxes. As back office experts, we specialize in the shifting tax regulations and compliance issues regarding worker classifications.


Wrongful dismissal worries are eliminated – If the temp-to-perm doesn’t meet job demands or isn’t a fit culturally, a trial basis eases the separation. Have the opportunity to reduce temporary workers than to lay off regular staff.  In busy seasons, Contract workers can alleviate heavier than normal workloads.


Minimize heavy administrative burdens with a reliable support system – Using a service provider that oversees the administration of your contract workers will reduce your overhead. We handle all payroll and financial issues, tax reporting and filings, health insurance, unemployment filings and claims, compliance regulations and your requirements for employment screenings.

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